At all times I maintain a rotating wall exhibit at Crossroads Art Center in Richmond, VA. (The wall may be devoted to train paintings, train photographs, vintage photo paintings or plein air paintings.)

Crossroads Art Center

Oct 5 - Present

"Train Paintings"

Crossroads hours:

Mon - Sat  10am - 5pm

Sunday 12am - 4pm

Crossroads Wall

Artist Statement, Crossroads Wall

"Trains have fascinated me as a visual subject for quite a long time – their textured and multi-layered surfaces, the graffiti, the geometrics of a boxcar side view … . This compilation showcases all of those interests.


It is a composite of train paintings  inspired by images from Richmond locations (ACCA Yard, Bowtie Cinema); the Baltimore Train Museum; from Bolivia (I was so interested in trains that I traveled to Bolivia to its famed “Train Graveyard” on the high salt flats, where steam engines have rusted away for more than half a century); and various other train museums (Chicago, Denver), where old, rusty trains have found a home. 


I hope you enjoy them also – not necessarily as a train enthusiast, but as someone who enjoys interesting visual subjects."

— Judith Anderson